2013 LA Event Recap

2013 Events...

11/23/13 HOLIDAY PARTY!! 

What a fun time at our Holiday Party held at Scholl Canyon & Acapulco's! Thank you Barbara Trivison for organizing golf and ordering up a beautiful day... another big Thank you to Mary Ayers & her committee for the After Party & Volunteer Recognition. Also a big thank you to all of our volunteers, especially our current board, led by Lauren Suzuki for everything they do behind the scenes for the club.  Congrats to Darla Huff for her Hole in One on #12!!  Closest to the Pin: Lauren & Cecilia Worcester.  Low Putts: Karen Krull with 30! Chip Ins: Darla Huff with her Hole in One, Carol Grosvenor holed out from the fairway for an eagle, and Jayne Geisler with 2.  Congrats to Carol Fishburn, winner of the 1st Tee 50/50 drawing For $187, which she will no doubt invest wisely!  Fun sights on the course  - Wendy Michaels demonstrating a golf stretching exercise, which soon devolved into a chorus line at the #1 tee; Beryl & Kathy trying to take pix with our iPhones of Darla at her hole-in-one pin...at least 25 takes! Here's to a happy, heathy, successful 2014 for our Los Angeles Chapter!  See full photo album at Facebook

11/9 San Dimas:
Beautiful day Saturday at San Dimas! Great weather, good company, darling deer that entertained us at all the par 3's. Congrats to Kim Wilson, longest drive; Carol Fishburn, Carol Grosvenor, Laura Kennedy & TeeTee Meyer, closest to the pin; Darla Huff, chip-in; Joanne Williams, low putts.


10/26-10/27 California Cup Over 140 women gathered at the Bayonet & Blackhorse in Monterey, representing chapters in CA & NV. What a gorgeous course in a beautiful part of California.  Be sure to check out all of our pictures on Facebook


9/14-9/15 EWGA Cup was sooo much fun!  oh, and we golfed, too!

I will be the first to admit that I love competing.  But what I'm going to remember most about my 1st trip to the EWGA Cup qualifier was the amazing and fun time I had with my teammates!  Every step of the way had its moments... 5 of us on Southwest from Burbank (flirting with strangers on a plane), packing the mini-van for the first time with 5 sets of golf clubs & luggage & 5 girls (think: Keystone cops), Laura with a shoulder injury, couldn't play, but still came anyway, and we're so glad she did! golf bags falling out of the mini-van every time we opened the back (oh @#$%^!), pre-dinner wine party (people falling over furniture, and we had not yet started drinking), dinner at Johnny Garlic's (our poor waiter, Ryan!  such a good sport!), Roberta winning her singles match 7&6 (That means she won her match on the 12th hole. WOW! Can we say, can of whup-ass?? who knew she was such a Tiger??), then packing 6 women, 6 travel golf bags & 6 pieces of luggage in the mini-van on our way back to the airport:  much more successful this time, there was planning involved.

If you saw our Facebook postings, we were all gushing about the great time we were having, and we wished more of you were there!  Our goal next year is to send 2 teams.  Don't like competition?  Come anyway for a great road trip, becoming better friends and sampling some good food & drinks.  Turns out, we have more than a few foodies/oenophiles (wine lovers) in our mix.


You think your index too high? No such thing! Our team's index ranged from 40 to 6, and everything in between.
I woke up this morning missing my girls and missing my magic remote to the mini-van! Thanks for all the memories, 2013 EWGA Cup LA Stars: Laura Kennedy, Laura Perry, Laura Kumazawa, Roberta Kantola, Kathy Malmfeldt, Darla Huff, Karen White, and me, Lauren Suzuki.  Can't wait until next year!!

From Facebook postings:Laura Kumazawa: Come on ladies, starting planning for next year!! Match play is great! Was a great tournament. Was very exciting for those few moments thinking we could have been heading to Florida. Great job Lauren as Captain! Ladies, had the best time with you all! Darla thanks for being such a great partner.  Laura Kennedy: Anyone see that episode of Seinfeld where the gang loses their car in the parking garage? Well, that was me last night at Burbank airport, walking around lot A for hours looking for my car...minus the buddies! Finally found it tucked behind a huge pick up truck. Still didn't spoil a fun weekend though! Laura Perry:  We has sooooooo much fun. Put this on your calendar for next year!!  

8-24-13 PMS Cup with Santa Barbara Fun day at Tierra Rejada - match play vs. Santa Barbara. Sadly, they thrashed us, 5 to 1, with only the team of Carol Grosvenor & Wendy Michaels "spoiling" our almost perfect ;-( record...congrats to Valerie Montellano & Jeanie Finkel for closest to the pin, &Susan Watkins for winning the drawing for a twosome at the course. Very tasty Mexican buffet afterwards.

8-10-13 Westchester We were a small group for Westchester, only 10 of us. The weather could not have been more perfect. Even got cool enough to put sweaters on towards the end of the round. Even though a little slow the fairways and greens were in great shape. There were 3 chip-ins all from the second group. Lorrie Davis chipped in for a sandy, Nina Guttman and Janice Kuwahara all shared the chip in pool and won a big $3.00 each. Low putts with 32, winners of the Roger Dunn cards, went to Lauren Suzuki and Janice Kuwahara.

8-3-13 Sterling Hills
 It was a beautiful and very busy day on the Sterling Hills Golf Course. Three tournaments and over 200 people on course that day. We were the third tournament and actually went out on time!  One pool - low putts -- split by Bonnie Wilks and Cecilia Worcester with 29; Closest to the pin was Janice Okanishi on 8 and Darla Huff on 11.  Thanks to Laura Perry for being Captain for the day!

4-21-13 I-10 Match Play with Palm Springs:  Beautiful weekend in Palm Springs.  LA Beat PS 4-2 in Team Match Play.
Congratulations to Laura Kennedy who had her 2 best rounds ever, 85 on Sat at Rancho Mirage and 80 at Tahquitz Creek!

Montebello 18H, April 6, 2013

We had 20 members play this old favorite course on a sunny, breezy day.  Carol Grosvenor was our captain for the day, and as befits our diligent Handicap Chair, the game was “Beat Your Course Handicap”.   Jayne Geisler was the only one to actually do that; Linda Kueny & Kathy Malmfeldt tied theirs.  Kathy also took the pool for low putts, with 33, and Kim Wilson won both closest to the pin awards – just beating out Jayne on #9 and Laura Kumazawa on #16.  The chip-in pool was split by Wendy Michaels & Laura Morrison.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the course, despite the high fee & strange management.  Almost all stayed after for munchies, awards & random prize drawings.  Thanks, Carol!